Your kids are little balls of energy, bursting at the seams for something fun & exciting to do. As a parent, you will likely run out of energy before your children do, but that doesn’t mean you can’t supervise them while they engage in fun activities under the comfort of your roof. Whether it’s a day off school for your children or they’re in the middle of enjoying March break, you need some activities to keep them busy. Here are five ways to keep your kids active at home.


Freeze Dancing


If there is one thing that all kids are good at, technically or not, it’s dancing! Put together a playlist of your kid’s favourite songs, choose songs that are high energy and encourage shaking and twisting for optimal results. Make it a game: take the role as DJ and tell your children to keep dancing until the music stops; the first person to stop dancing wins and everyone else loses!


Volleyball with Balloons


You may not be able to play real-life volleyball inside your home, but nothing is stopping you from organizing a makeshift game, replacing the ball with a few balloons. Take a few kitchen chairs and place them a fair distance apart from each other. Next, tie a piece of string or yarn from the top of one chair to the top of the other. Blow up a couple of balloons and have your one of your children hit it over the sting to your other child and vice versa.


Hide and Go Seek


This one’s an absolute thrill – kids love being able to explore the house looking for the perfect hiding spot, fitting themselves into nooks and crannies, hoping their Mom or Dad can’t find them. Regardless if you know where your child hid or not, give them the benefit of the doubt and ramp up their heart rate a little before you get close and expose their hiding location. For an added thrill, turn off the light and play hide and seek in the dark!


Activity Zones


If your kids need an intense activity session, try creating activity zones! Pick a big room in your home or move into your backyard and create makeshift zones where your kids can perform a multitude of different activities. For example, one zone can be the skip rope zone and then the next zone over can be the jumping jack’s zone. The variety will excite your kids and tucker them out!


These are just a few ideas to keep your kids occupied and active while at home. For more information, please contact Crosslink County Sportsplex today!